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La Fabrique  du Commun

La Fabrique du Commun is exactly that - the community fabric of the people, stitched by the people for the people. This methodology can be used by anyone committed to provoke reflection, inter-cultural dialogue, and change perceptions; contributing to a positive social change.

La fabrique du Commun was created for the Lyon based association Tissu Solidaire - now renamed Weavers. Tissu Solidaire aims to accelerate the social and professional integration of people in exile in France through the valorisation of manual skills. La Fabrique du commun was created as a social mediation tool, a methodology for the locals and the refugees to come together in a safe as well as an inclusive environment to make things with hands. The methodology is for anyone and everyone who is interested to use craftsmanship as a tool to create social and culturally inclusive communities in their company, neighbourhood, city or country. 

Photo courtesy Tissu Solidaire.

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