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I am a Textile, Apparel and Social Innovation Designer. My career covers a wide range of paths: from Fashion, Textile, and Craft to now Social Design. I have worked with both private and public sector. I have worked with  with several non- profits in various capacity consulting on craft intervention projects and craft documentation.

I have hands on experience of managing various stages of the project encompassing design research, ideation, outreach and planning, orchestrating workshops, and documentation. I have conducted community engagement workshops across cultures, age groups and genders including indigenous and rural communities in India and migrant and exiled communities in France.

My practice extends beyond the studio through a process of ethnographic and participative research investigating the changing contexts of traditional craftsmanship owing to migration, globalization and urbanization and now climate change. Traditional craftsmanship is my chosen lens to understand systems of inequalities, sustainable development and environmental justice. As a designer my strength lies in bridging the cultures and designing for a global consumer. 

I am interested in design research, anthropology, and sustainable fashion. I am keen to apply design thinking and human centered design approach to explore craftsmanship as a social mediation tool in contexts of conflict, migration and displacement – rural and urban. Aspiring to support culture preservation, awareness and continuation of dying crafts, I started "It's all folk" ( in 2015 in Shillong.


As a human being I have often been accused of having a concentration span of a glow fish!! I tend to get bored quickly and switch modes easily. I sew to keep my nerves in place. I like to collect random thoughts, quotes, anecdotes, information, lyrics etc. in a hand written diary. An old soul, I like things to be simple and classic. Yellow is my color. I am a sustainability enthusiast, an aspiring vegan and a practising yogi.  

Currently based in Assam, I am working on my headstands and building Its all folk. 

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